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We need your contact details – Middle East Campaign


Campaign Middle East is pleased to announce the 4th edition of its annual guide to the production house. This is a one-of-a-kind, practical guide with all the information about all the production studios and their services in the region.

Here are some quick directions:
• Content is king, the saying goes. And the power of the Crown continues to increase as traditional advertising rivals social and native content. Quality production capacities are therefore more in demand than ever. From fast-spinning social reaction films to traditional TV channels and feature documentaries, regional video production is taking off. And behind this boom are the specialized agencies that offer services ranging from direction and production to post-production.
• There are no such practices, all information in one guide giving a detailed overview of all studios in the region, so there is a huge demand for this from marketers and agencies. The guide will list the main production houses in the region, as well as their internal specialties.
• The guide will serve as a reference for all clients and agencies – from public relations to creative to media – who need quality video content. If you are a production company who would like to contact these decision makers, we want to know more about you.
• This special issue will be distributed with the September 26, 2021 issue of Campaign Middle East. This guide will also appear permanently on the Campaign website home page and will be shared on Campaign Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.
• This year, Campaign ME is digitizing its directories, where each production house will have its own page hosted in the Online agency directory on the Campaign website. Customers, brands and agencies will use this directory to search for companies based on their service needs. We will feature in each of your pages all the latest news, articles, contact details, jobs, clients and all the related information that we have featured in the campaign. related information, which makes it a great place for all brands and clients to see the work you’ve done and the news you’ve done and thus help generate lead generation. Reference example: https://campaignme.com/camouflage

You can check out last year’s Campaign 2020 Production House Guide for reference.

Here are the registration options:
Option 1: Basic free ad:
• Name of the production company
• Ownership / holding group
• Regional headquarters / office location,
• Number of employees
• Year of foundation
• Email id
• Internal services, capacities and specializations (5 max)
• Key clients on mandate (5max).

Please note that there would be at least 8/10 free agency listings on each page. If exclusivity is preferred, please find additional options for further exposure below:

Option 2: extended lists + annual registration in the campaign’s online directory: This option includes all of the free information above and the additional information below:
• Agency bio (100 words)
• All Specialties and all Key Customers
• Local phone number
• Website
• Address
• Contact number
• Social media tags (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)

Plus an annual subscription to the Campaign online directory, where the above information would be available online throughout the year on the Campaign website as a full page listing.

Option 3: Half-page ad:
This option would include all of the above free registration information in a half-page magazine format with the following:
• High resolution company logo,
• Agency bio (50 words max)
• Website
• Local phone numbers
• Management panel (photos and designation of up to 4 top management),
• Prizes won
• Additional key clients on mandate.
• Plus an annual subscription to the online directory.

Option 4: Full page list:
This option would include a half-page list with all of the information detailed above + either half-page content that can be an interview with the CEO or a half-page of photos of your team and your desktop or a half-page case study. This option also includes the annual subscription to the online directory.

Option 5: Double Page Spread – FP Ad for each agency in front of a FP Ad:
This option would include a full page listing with all of the above listing information as well as a full page ad. The full page ad would be opposite a full page ad, giving you a double page spread in the agency guide. This option also includes the annual subscription to the online directory.

Option 6: Tailor-made partnerships: This option includes title sponsorship of the directory with logos on the cover and advertisements in prominent positions on the inside cover / back cover. Costs are subject to requirements and negotiations.

The deadline to confirm the above options and send all information is 13e Sep 2021 The main & Campaign magazine, including the Production House Guide, hits newsstands on the 26e September and will be available throughout October in all major bookstores, hypermarkets and Motivate collection points.

To send us the free listings and more cost details of the above additional options, please email [email protected] & [email protected]



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